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"How moving! The darkness to the light, the simplicity and the music all blend perfectly into the storyboard. I want to help you get this film to as many people as possible."
- Lea Wolinetz, Representative of World Holocaust Survivors (Czestochowa), Second Generation and The Museum of the History of the Polish Jews

Kevin Sean Michaels and Perry Chen in formal attire at the Annie Awards

About the short film

Memories from the Holocaust have been portrayed in almost every medium, but rarely animation -- and never before by a child animator. Animated short film "INGRID PITT: BEYOND THE FOREST" is a cross-generational collaboration between a world-class animation master, two-time Academy Award-nominated Bill Plympton, and a first-time animator, 11-year-old artist Perry Chen. It is narrated by Ingrid Pitt herself.

Starting with Ingrid Pitt's poignant narration and Bill Plympton's 23 traditional pencil sketches as storyboard, award-winning artist and film critic Perry Chen brings this moving story and its contemporary implications alive. Read more

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Press Releases

Debbie Rochon to be honored with Ingrid Pitt Award, Recognizing Excellence and Perseverance in the Horror Genre

The very first Ingrid Pitt Memorial Award represents a tip of the hat to a horror star — and its recipient is Debbie Rochon. Much like Pitt in the 1970's with films "Countess Dracula" and "The Vampire Lovers," the award acknowledges a person who has supported the horror genre and embraced it overcoming many obstacles, breaking barriers and being a leader in the industry.

Pitt starred in over thirty films. She co-starred with Sir Christopher Lee in the cult original "The Wicker Man" (1973) and "The House that Dripped Blood" (1970). She also starred in Hammer's "Countess Dracula" and, with horror legend Peter Cushing, in Hammer's "The Vampire Lovers." She passed away too soon in 2011. The Ingrid Pitt Memorial Award is presented in conjunction with The Estate of Ingrid Pitt, filmmaker/producer Kevin Sean Michaels and event coordinator Stacy Pippi Hammon.

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Ingrid Pitt: Beyond The Forest Acquired by Shorts International for Worldwide Distribution

Theatrical Debut at "ShortsHD at the Movies" in Los Angeles on September 20, 2011

Los Angeles, CA and Long Island, NY, Sept 20, 2011 — The Holocaust has been treated by almost every medium, but rarely animation — and never by a child animator — until now. VAMP Productions' film Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest, animated by 10-year-old filmmaker and award-winning critic Perry Chen, has been acquired for worldwide distribution by Shorts International, the distributor of Academy Award-nominated shorts tours for the last six years in theaters, inDemand!, and on iTunes and ShortsHD TV in over 100 markets. Perry finished the animation as a 5th grader and is now 11. Oscar-nominee Bill Plympton provided the storyboard, with Kevin Sean Michaels as director, and Holocaust historian Dr. Jud Newborn and Perry's mother Dr. Zhu Shen as co-producers.

Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest is included as the only animated film in "ShortsHD at the Movies," a night of short films that will not be short on star power, presented by Shorts International at the CGV Cinema in Los Angeles, California on September 20 - 22, 2011, along with 11 other short films. Perry Chen and his parents will attend an invitation-only Premiere Reception with Press and Filmmakers on Tuesday, September 20 at CGV Cinema in Los Angeles, an event to spotlight some of the year's best short filmmakers and actors, immediately followed by the public screening of the 12 shorts in two showcases. Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest is in "Showcase 2" of the program.

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Short Film Network Hosts Star-Studded Reception

September 2011 — LOS ANGELES — ShortsHD, the world's leading network devoted exclusively to short film entertainment, presents "ShortsHD at the Movies," a night of short films that will not be short on star power. The invitation-only reception to spotlight some of the year's best short filmmakers and actors will be held on Sept. 20, 2011 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at CGV Cinemas (621 South Western Ave.). A public screening of a selection of short films from around the globe will follow, featuring such Hollywood big-hitters as Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Alfred Molina and Julia Stiles.

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Oscar-Nominated Animator Bill Plympton and 11-Year-Old Artist Prodigy Perry Chen To Create Animated Film about The Holocaust

May 2, 2011 -- Holocaust Remembrance Day -- SAN DIEGO, CA -- Eleven-year-old award-winning artist prodigy and young film critic Perry Chen has a very unique task. He will be using his talents to help other children of many cultures learn the importance of the Holocaust.

"Ingrid Pitt: Beyond The Forest" is an animated short film based on the experience of Holocaust survivor, Ingrid Pitt, who later became a major film and television star. Pitt and her family were imprisoned by the Nazis in the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland in 1942. She spent ages five through eight in the camp, and miraculously escaped with her mother in 1945.

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