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"I am duly impressed! As the first endorsers of INGRID PITT: BEYOND THE FOREST, Ina and I feel it gives special insight into the Holocaust. Because of my close relationship with the Anne Frank Center USA, in which I have been involved for 25 years as Director, President, Chairman and now Chairman Emeritus, I plan to give as much support as I can to this innovative, artistically executed film."
- Jack Polak, Chair Emeritus, The Anne Frank Center USA

Bill Plympton and Perry Chen with a laptop

About the short film

Memories from the Holocaust have been portrayed in almost every medium, but rarely animation -- and never before by a child animator. Animated short film "INGRID PITT: BEYOND THE FOREST" is a cross-generational collaboration between a world-class animation master, two-time Academy Award-nominated Bill Plympton, and a first-time animator, 11-year-old artist Perry Chen. It is narrated by Ingrid Pitt herself.

Starting with Ingrid Pitt's poignant narration and Bill Plympton's 23 traditional pencil sketches as storyboard, award-winning artist and film critic Perry Chen brings this moving story and its contemporary implications alive. Read more

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